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About Classic Fence

Local Temporary Fence Contractors

There are lots of reasons a commercial property owner may need temporary fencing. It can serve as the first line of security, as well as act as control privacy, wind protection, or even crowd control for events.

Partner with Classic, one of the top fence companies in NJ, and we’ll work with you one on one, prioritizing the most common reasons for installing a temporary fence, including:

  • Security
  • Privacy control
  • Wind protection
  • Blocking restrictive areas
  • Path guidance
  • Hiding equipment and resticted areas to passerbys
  • Crowd control

If you need a temporary fence for your property, you can get a quality fence that is good for your unique property. Some popular temporary fences are:

Panel Fencing

Panel fencing can be laid in any configuration and can be customized to fit your property. One of the nice things about panel fencing is that you don’t need to drill into the pavement to get the fence to stand. Panel fencing is one of the most popular types of temporary fencing.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is very versatile and is a good choice for construction sites, special events, or other temporary uses. They’re one of the more cost-effective temporary fencing options and offer both strength and flexibility.

Special Event Fencing

Special event fencing is good for controlling crowds, blocking restricted areas, and guiding guests where to go. Special event fencing is a tried and true solution to keep people organized. For example, you can guide people to form single-file lines with fencing and keep unauthorized guests from a sold-out event.


Windscreens are great for minimizing gusts of wind. This makes them ideal temporary fences for outdoor events, such as sports or other productions. They also offer a neutral background that won’t distract players or guests. They minimize noise, provide shade, and reduce glare. Windscreens can provide privacy from passersby, or hide equipment and restricted areas.

Crowd Control

Barricades are essential for controlling crowds. If you plan on having a large event at your commercial property, crowd control fences are made out of galvanized steel. They are flexible, durable, and portable.

If you’re looking for a temporary fence company in Monmouth County, NJ and the surrounding area to turn to for quality and service, call Classic Fence today at 732-409-7098.


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