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About Classic Fence

Local Firewood Suppliers

If you’re in need of some firewood, we can help with that too. We offer firewood for pickup and delivery.

All of our firewood is dry, and in the perfect condition to light any fire, whether it be a campfire, in your fire-pit, or inside your home's wood burning fireplace.

Firewood is available in palletized half and full cords. You can also choose loose cords half or full. You can also use grab-and-go bags. The bags are 1 cubic foot filled with approximately 10-12 firewood pieces per bag.

Partner with Classic, one of the top firewood suppliers in NJ, and we’ll work with you one on one, prioritizing the most common reasons for choosing our firewood, including:

  • We keep our firewood dry
  • We offer pickup and delivery
  • Available in palletized half and full cords
  • Available in loose cords half or full
  • Available in grab-and-go bags

If you’re looking for a firewood supplier in Monmouth County, NJ and the surrounding area to turn to for quality and service, call Classic Fence today at 732-409-7098.


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