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About Classic Fence

Local Snow Removal Contractors

We can remove snow from parking lots and shopping centers to keep your tenants, customers, or both safe!

In our commercial services offering, we can remove snow in parking lots, shopping centers, and private roads. At this time we do not service residential customers, so you are our top priority!

If you need snow removal for your parking lots, use a company you can trust. We push the snow to the edges of your lot as best we can. We are careful to keep water drainage areas clear at all times.

We try to avoid piling snow in the middle of the lot, blocking handicapped parking areas, or blocking in parked cars. We are also sure to not block visibility on roads and corners. You don’t want to block visibility for vehicles that are entering or leaving the lot.

Experienced companies like ourselves are aware of potential hazards such as fire hydrants, low landscaping, or other obstacles covered in snow. We check a look in advance before we plow.

We are mindful of where customers and employees are at all times. We avoid people while plowing, and flash warning lights so people know we are active. Every shopping center is different, so it’s best to have a plan ahead of time for the unique space. But a good rule of thumb is to back-drag snow away from the front of buildings first, then push the snow to the outer edges.

Partner with Classic, one of the top snow removal companies in NJ, and we’ll work with you one on one, prioritizing the most common reasons for snow removal, including:

  • Keeping your tentants, employees, and customers safe
  • Keeping water drainage areas clear
  • Keeping handicapped parking areas clear
  • Enhancing visibility for vehicles entering or leaving parking lots
  • Enhancing visibility for vehicles on roads and corners
  • Keeping fire hydrants and other emergency equipment clear for use

If you’re looking for a snow removal company in Monmouth County, NJ and the surrounding area to turn to for quality and service, call Classic Fence today at 732-409-7098.


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