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Local Stump Grinding Contractors

People don’t usually think about removing their tree stumps until it’s absolutely necessary. Maybe you cleared out a diseased tree, and now you’re left with a stump. Not only is it a safety hazard, but it’s also an eyesore. You may think you need the stump removed, but stump grinding is probably your best option.

Stump Removal

You most likely don’t want a full stump removal because stump removal doesn’t just pertain to getting rid of the stump. Stump removal extracts the stump and all the roots attached to it. You either need to hire a company with heavy-duty equipment like a Bobcat, or rent one yourself.

Typically, tree roots spread out throughout your yard. You may dig up half your yard to completely remove the tree stump.

If you’re a commercial property owner looking to clear land for a building, then stump removal is just fine. It doesn’t matter how the land looks because you’re getting ready to build on top. But private landowners probably prefer stump grinding.

Before you can remove stumps from your yard, you may need to remove debris. We offer removal of debris if needed. We can also offer grading the area and adding topsoil and seeding, or sod if needed.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding doesn’t involve removing every tree root. A professional uses a stump grinder to grind the remaining trunk down until it’s gone. Your yard will be left with a hole where the stump was, but one small hole is far more manageable than the massive hole that would’ve been left from stump removal.

The industry standard is to grind stumps as far down as they go, which for some trunks is as far down as 18 inches into the ground. But some trees are shallower than others, and it depends on the kind of tree that was in your yard.

If you’re worried about a tree re-sprouting after the stump is gone, the truth is that tree roots cannot re-sprout after the trunk is gone. The roots naturally deteriorate over time. They gradually decompose in the soil naturally, so there will never be a natural sinkhole in its place.

Partner with Classic, one of the top stump grinding companies in NJ, and we’ll work with you one on one, prioritizing the most common reasons for stump grinding, including:

  • Beautifying your property
  • Removing an unattractive view
  • Removing a safety hazard

If you’re looking for a stump grinding company in Monmouth County, NJ and the surrounding area to turn to for quality and service, call Classic Fence today at 732-409-7098.


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